Submitted by Michael Hickey on Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Justin Laus, 22 years old, is a member of the Pittsburgh Emperors Special Hockey Team
Justin has always loved hockey, and is ecstatic that he actually gets to play on a team. 
His idols are Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux. He tells everyone who will listen, about how he got to meet Lemeiux-TWICE!
Hockey practice is the highlight of Justin's week and he has a hard time waiting for Saturdays!  He has bonded with many of his teammates. It has been great for him socially, as he keeps in touch with them between practices. 
He told his parents thank you for helping him play hockey for the team, and that he finally feels accepted. Justin has autism and a mild intellectual disability. He has struggled through adversity on many fronts, but has worked so hard to come out on top. He currently works at Life's Work Day Program in the greenhouse, and volunteers at Animal Friends. 
Justin is multi-talented and plays drums, guitar, piano, and sings. He plays guitar in a band called SPECTRUM. The band consists of musicians with special needs. The band is very talented, and inspire everyone who has been privileged to experience their shows. They are even doing a benefit concert for the Emperors Hockey Team on July 30, 2016. We are hoping they raise lots of funds to help the team, who has helped him achieve his dream!
Justin wishes to thank John and Tracey Stevenson who give their heart and soul to lead the team, and the coaches, players and their families who have made him feel so welcome!
Date of Publication: 
Mon, Apr 25, 2016