Submitted by john murphy on Thu, Jul 7, 2011

On Tuesday morning, July 5th, 2011, Coach Jon Schwartz (Head Coach of the NJ Dare Devils and ASHA Board Member) was on his way to work at NASCAR’s NYC office.  While waiting for an uptown subway train at New York’s Port Authority Terminal, Jon heard a strange “thud” noise from directly behind him.  When he turned to investigate, Jon realized a women had passed out and fell from the platform onto the subway tracks. With the subway quickly approaching the station, Jon sprung into action, jumping onto the tracks and with the help of another good Samaritan, lifted the woman to safety.  Jon then quickly got himself back onto the platform with only seconds to spare.  Police were on the scene immediately and the woman was taken to a local hospital where she is recovering from the fall.

This is another example of Jon’s selfless attitude.  He’s a caring and loving husband and father who took a huge risk to save another person’s life.  That’s just the type of person Jon is, and will always be.

And, for those who know Coach Jon, he is dedicated to the NJ Dare Devils and the American Special Hockey Association.  This is the 10th season that the NJ Dare Devils have been putting a special hockey team on the ice at Richard Codey Arena in West Orange, NJ.  And Jon has been there since the first player skated for the NJ Dare Devils 10 years ago.

Way to go Coach Jon!  Thankfully you and the other good Samaritan are safe and the woman is recovering.


Date of Publication: 
Thu, Jul 7, 2011