Submitted by john murphy on Thu, Jan 13, 2011

ASHA and UCT have recently formed a partnership to help promote the ASHA and its member programs.  As part of the partnership being created, UCT recently donated $15,000 to ASHA at the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh.  A picture of the check being awarded to ASHA is included on the UCT website and on the ASHA home page scrolling pictures.

UCT is going to have its local chapters help promote ASHA events such as the SHI Tournament in Boston in April 2011.  UCT volunteers will be available to help tournament organizers prepare for and conduct the SHI Tournament.  In addition to helping at the SHI Tournament in 2011, UCT will be focusing on helping five new ASHA teams get established in their communities.

UCT is United Commercial Travelers.  Local councils are the foundation of UCT.   Through volunteer service each local council works to support the needs of its community.  Local council members plan and conduct meetings, organize events and enjoy social activities.  

Date of Publication: 
Thu, Jan 13, 2011